Welcome to Wyoming Equine

Horses are athletes and we believe that equine sports medicine, just like human sports medicine, is important for an athlete to perform at their best. Sports medicine is more than just diagnosing and treating injuries. It is also the prevention of those injuries through nutrition, training, preventative medical care, and attention to the overall well-being of your horse. The horse as an athlete is Dr. Connally’s passion, both professionally and personally. Competition in most equine events is becoming more intense as the quality of horses and number of competitors increase. For example, a barrel racing horse that appears normal but is running a half second off regular times will not win any money. A dressage horse that has mild soreness in her hocks may not appear lame but will be unable to collect appropriately to perform the necessary maneuvers. Our mobile veterinary practice will serve these equine athletes in central WY and northern CO where we make our home. Contact us to see how we can help your athlete perform better.